Sunday, March 18, 2012

Toward a Cultural Creative

Last week I was laid off from my faculty position at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Totally knocked side-ways, I am still puzzled how the institution can lay off its only User Experience Designer when they're planning to restructure the curriculum and have a UXD track. But, I guess that's their problem now.

For me, in terms of being laid off, it comes at an auspicious time. Never before have I been closer to living the life of a cultural creative, and it is my intention to take this opportunity to build that lifestyle. By cultural creative, I mean someone who is fortunate enough to use one's resources to advance oneself both creatively and financially. I.e., I plan to make money off of being me. Making pursuit of my interests financially rewarding and creatively and intellectually stimulating.

How does that play out? By becoming a Renaissance woman. Having multiple interests, and multiple irons in the fire. Having multiple sources of income rather than a full-time job. Those multiple sources of income representing different facets of my interests or areas of expertise.

Some of the options:
* Freelance UXD
* Small Business Idea To Be Revealed at a Later Time
* Teaching
* Blogging for Cultural and Technical Interests
* Performing Research
* Making Art

Clearly, some of these are going to make money and some are not. But, as long as some of them are generating income, I should also be able to do the rest.

Anyway, I'm embarking on this effort, and I'll be writing about it more here. Wish me luck.

Carol Bales

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